The Power of a Wedding Ring

Wedding rings are powerful. Until you have one, you don’t realize how much meaningful weight they carry.

These circular items represent a promise to spend a lifetime with another person through the dark times and even darker times. The only time Jenny or I remove ours is when there’s a chance it could get lost or damaged. Recently, I had a scare that mine was gone for good. It allowed me a chance to remember how important that little hunk of expensive jewelry is to my life.

wedding rings
Our wedding ring holder used at our wedding and now at home. It’s really just a picture frame from Rite Aid.

I’d be far more disappointed if Jenny lost her wedding ring than if I lost mine. The ring she wears represents how much I love her. By losing it, she’d essentially tell me she doesn’t like me anymore. Which, by the way, she verbally says regularly in a teasing manner.

That said, Jenny feels the same way. So, losing my own wedding ring would be devastating because of how much it would hurt my wife. We’re both pretty careful about never misplacing them. Mistakes do happen, like the one I nearly fooled myself into thinking occurred the other day.

It all began with a nasty splinter in my left ring finger. I was moving a piece of wood at work (I’m a professional beaver, by the way) and my soft, sensitive skin was damaged. I thought the wood was removed, but later on in the day when Jenny touched my hand I realized something was still lodged in there.

matching wedding rings
Showing off our matching wedding rings after completing our vows and writing a check to the officiant so he could leave.

Jenny used her caring talents to help remove the splinter from my paw. Before she did, I soaked my hand in warm water to make it easier. Because this involved putting my ring under water for 5-10 minutes, I decided to remove the symbol of our love during my medical treatment. I’m not one to waterboard something I care about even if it’s an inanimate object. Once the splinter was removed, I went to bed thinking I was all set for the next morning.

Unfortunately, the band-aid that replaced my ring tricked me into thinking it was still on my finger. I move a lot based on feel. For instance, I always have my cell phone in my left pocket. If someone put a piece of poop in there weighing about the same, I wouldn’t know the difference until I reach in and the whole thing falls apart.

Shortly after becoming Mr. and Mrs. Bee. I was so excited I barely noticed my best man was preparing to dive in front of a bullet.

My morning routine includes preparing for work then going back to sleep as quickly as possible until I absolutely must leave. This lack of attention to detail led to me leaving for work without a ring on my finger. It took me a few hours before I realized instead of a wedding ring I was showing off a bloody band-aid. I sent a frantic text message to Jenny hoping she could clarify the ring’s location. She did and I felt a lot more at ease knowing I didn’t completely screw up our marriage.

I wouldn’t say Jenny and I are very materialistic at all. The things we love have sentimental value. Nothing in our lives has more of it than the rings we wear. Going forward, I’ll be sure to pay a little closer attention to where it is.

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