Alaska Trip: Saying Goodbye | Coldfoot to Fairbanks Fly Adventure (Honeymoon Tour Part 3)

The last leg of our honeymoon, a bittersweet goodbye to the beautiful Alaska.



  1. Thanks for the great shots of Northern Alaska and you trip back to Fairbanks.
    Living there for 20 years I always found I liked the winters better than the summer.
    It stark beauty and other than the sound of your footsteps the total silence that surrounds you while the Northern lights danced overhead was truly magical.

    …again thanks for sharing

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    1. It’s our pleasure, Pete. It’s hard to experience the beauty of nature in Alaska and resist the urge to share it. You’re right–if there is one word to describe the Aurora experience it would definitely be magical! It’s now our dream to be able to live there. Hopefully, we can make it happen in the near future.


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