Autumn is a Good Time for Bees

I like autumn. Timmy likes autumn best, too, if I’m not mistaken. He’s an autumn baby after all. He came into this world when the air was nice and cool, and I guess it affected his personality.

This is what nice and cool looks like.

We’ve been together for almost a year now since I came here autumn last year. This season will always remind me of the feeling of us finally being together. This year it’s even more special–one, we spent Timmy’s birthday together for the very first time!

We had the same cake for my birthday earlier this year. I think now it’s officially a tradition.

It just sucks how I, who pride myself in being a “documenter”, wasn’t able to take any picture of us together during this special day. How could you or anyone else ever believe that we actually spent it together if there’s not at least a single photographic evidence?! In this world run by social media, you can’t get away with just enjoying the moment anymore. Nuh-uh. Post it on Facebook or it didn’t happen!!!

This beautiful picture was captured a few days after Timmy’s birthday. This would do for an evidence, right? I’m pretty sure we were still wearing the same shirts and have not taken a shower since–hence, the essence of the day was practically still stuck on us.

Also, pretty soon we’d be celebrating our first anniversary as married bees. That is so cool and so weird. How does time fly that fast? I guess it’s true what they say: you never really notice the time when you’re with someone you love.

This was taken during the first few days I arrived here when autumn was at its peak. That was a lovely day.

Also even sooner, we’d be spending our honeymoon (which we have delayed for almost a year since the wedding because that’s what cool people do…NOT!). That would make for an epic post or even a series of posts, and it doesn’t even matter whether it will go good or bad because either way, it would be an interesting story to tell.

Nah, who am I kidding? I’m going to be with Timmy. How could that ever go bad?


P.S. Our lives are not close to perfect at all. Perfect people spend their honeymoon right after the wedding. Perfect people don’t wake up every weekday muttering cusswords while reaching for their alarms, nor do not they go to doctor’s visits more in the past year than in any other year in their life. But why am I blaming luck for that? It’s just because we’re getting old. I should really stop whining on the internet and stick to humblebrags. Yeah, definitely that…

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