Dreams Don’t Come True: We’ve Quit the Lottery

Some strange level of giddiness and desperation got into us a few months ago and we did the unthinkable; we wasted money on lottery tickets.

I had never purchased lottery tickets in my life previous to this. Seeing how big the jackpot was and how many more lottery tickets I could buy if we won, I broke the streak. We bought one losing MegaMillions and a pair of scratch off tickets.

This was the last time we’d buy any of those potential big winners. However, we’d continue to purchase scratch off tickets a few more times.

What I like about scratch off tickets is how brutally quick they destroy you. Within a minute you’ve been cussed out and reminded how poor your financial decisions are. They’re the middle school bully who tells you like it is and let’s the whole school know what a useless piece of rubbish you truly are.

scratch off lottery tickets
The best thing to scratch since the invention of genitals.

Jenny and I were about done with this torment until we both shared a dream about the lottery.

In mine, we were huge winners and our lives were never the same again. I can’t remember the details of Jenny’s but surely I was a lot more handsome.

Viewing this as a premonition, we each got one final scratch off. To our dismay, the dream was bullshit.

Jenny then remembered there’s a saying in the Philippines about how what happens in dreams is the opposite of reality. So, with a few dollars less left to our name, we enjoyed some candy and each other’s company.

candy haul
We don’t have any recent pictures of one of our legendary candy hauls so acceptance this picture of my wife snapping a far away shot of me as I stand with a bag full of food.

We’ve sworn off buying lottery tickets for now. Maybe one day when we’re a lot older this will change. Old people, for some reason, seem to love buying lottery tickets. This is pretty depressing because you’d think at some point in life you find happiness and no longer desire lots of money. Fact is, you only want it more the closer you get to death.

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