Cooking Filipino Food (By an American, Rather Wonderful Man)

I celebrated my birthday with my wonderful husband for the second time last weekend. Yes, in an ideal world, you get an entire three-day weekend birthday celebration. Also, in an ideal world, you get to devour all your favorite food without gaining weight. Sadly, we were only able to fulfill the former. I suspect the weight that we lost in the past month or two (yes, we are hopeless dieters) were all gained back last weekend.

But hey, Timmy cooked for me. Fuck gaining a “few” pounds!

complacent relationship drawing two bees in a blog art funny comic comics design love relationships

Timmy has always been wonderful. But for my birthday weekend he was especially so. First, he insisted on washing the dishes even though in my mental notebook where I keep count of things (the first ingredient for a disastrous relationship) it was already my turn three or four dish-washing ago. Then he let me eat all my favorite foods. Here’s the list of the yummy goodness we had:

  • One huge party bag of Cheetos (we bought two, but we shared, so…)
  • Sample slices of two cakes (one of which we ordered whole for my actual birthday)
  • One whole strawberry cheese cake
  • One large Domino’s Pizza and “some” sides
  • More than half of the Mango Float we made together (Filipinos’ favorite dessert)

mango float filipino dessert american marriage interracial

  • and the HUMBA that he cooked!

filipino humba cooking american marriage interracial food

Of course, that’s not everything we ate. Even though it should have been because we got/made everything in fairly large sizes/amounts. We’re never gonna be skinny. That’s a fact we have longed accepted already.

The humba that Timmy made was A-MA-ZING! Yes, I told him a few steps that he forgot and how much to put of something but it was him who did the major work. I am very proud of him. Not only because he made an–and I swear there’s no bias here dang it–absolutely delicious dish, but also because he made the effort to learn how to make one of my favorite dishes.

I think that’s a solid proof that someone cares about you (for the bee: not that you lack of it hahaha).

Cooking takes time and effort (and a bit of skill and wishing for the best, ha!). It takes precious time that you could spend “chilling” or being a lazy ass or stalking trainwrecks on YouTube instead because you’re a horrible judgmental human being. But you sacrifice that time if you care enough about someone to make them happy. Especially if that someone is a piggy like me.

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