Thrifting at NYC

I try to only keep clothes I either truly need or love, that’s why I have a relatively small wardrobe for a female of our specie. As the weather was starting to get warmer, I realized I don’t have jackets for spring. I have one full-body coat and another smaller one–both for cold autumn/winter weather (I have one leather jacket which I don’t really like so that’s highly likely to go away soon) and that’s it.

Since I do need these clothes and, if you don’t know yet by now, we’re a rather cheap couple, we decided to go thrifting at New York city.

NYC is, simply put, a shopper’s paradise. There are a lot of thrift stores around: look/search well enough and you’ll find one that suits your style and budget. That’s exactly what I did a few days before the Saturday we set as Thrifting Day. After a few hours Googling and browsing Instagram, I decided East Village would be the perfect spot to go thrift shopping. Oh my goodness, I sound so boring. Let’s watch a silly video already.

If you can’t finish that video, I don’t blame you at all. But here are the items we actually bought:

$18 Denim Jacket from NO RELATION VINTAGE :

denim jacket thrifting nyc
Posing like I’m not wearing my sleeping pajamas.

$5 Tshirt-Dress (I guess?) from AuH2O THRIFTIQUE :

tshirt dress AuH2O nyc thrifting
This is such an oversized and OH-SO-COMFORTABLE shirt! I could wear it sleeping, really…

$25 Windbreaker from NO RELATION VINTAGE :

windbreaker thrifted nyc thrifting ltrainvintage

$15 Sandals/Shoes from EAST VILLAGE THRIFT SHOP :

sandals shoes thrifted nyc forever21 thrifting east village
I wear the most fashionable/haute couture pants. How could you go wrong with South Park pajamas?

And best purchase of all, Timmy’s new $10 belt from (again) NO RELATION VINTAGE :

belt thrifted no relation vintage nyc ltrainvintage
This wonderful human being wouldn’t have bought anything if his old belt did not–literally–break as we were about to head out. :3

That’s all. We could have bought more but you know, cheap. :3 Once our present clothes break/won’t fit us anymore, maybe there’ll be another thrifting post to come.

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