Everybody Has a Thing Between Their Legs These Days

Many days in a week, Timmy and I attack our local Rite Aids to get our fuzzy wuh-wuh (fizzy water) and, “occasionally”, little bags of happiness (chocolates) when the cravings become unbearable.

Recently we noticed something rather odd with the dollar store adjacent to the Rite Aid we frequent: some of their Easter decorations consist of cartoon characters with special gifts between their legs.

Here are actual photos for a better visual:



Maybe it’s just red tape they used to attach Dora the Explorer and Minnie Mouse to their store windows. But I don’t know–there could have been a better place to put it, right?

Are we missing something here? (Does MICKEY even know?)

P.S. After further examination, we decided it could even just be poop. Regardless, the fact that it’s red still isn’t very promising…

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