Pete’s Dragon Review: Surely That Monster Ate People in the Deleted Scenes

One movie Jenny and I recently watched was Pete’s Dragon. It’s the story of Tarzan taking place in the Northwestern United States. Instead of apes, the lost boy in the wilderness is raised by a giant dragon.

Pete's Dragon
Pete’s Dragon spoiler alert: We don’t see the dragon’s wang.

It’s the familiar plot of many Sandra Bullock RomComs. One unanswered question in this film is what the dragon, named Elliot, eats.

Not long into the film Jenny and I realized Elliot must eat people. A monster of that size cannot possibly survive without choking on lots of meat; specifically lumberjacks and tourists visiting the first Starbucks.

first starbucks
Somehow a guy outside of Starbucks playing a guitar is a lot less obnoxious than everyone inside of it.

Of course, we’d notice the dragon’s dietary habits over any other plot hole. I’m pretty sure like most movies, it was enjoyed while snacking.

Disney refused to answer this valuable information pertaining to Elliot’s food of choice. I suppose it’s gruesome to add in a scene where the dragon destroys a town only to later bring hope to a little boy. Disney enjoys hiding those harsh realities from children. But let’s face it. We all meet someone wonderful who turns out to be a cannibal at some point in our lives.

The film stars some kid, Ron Howard’s daughter, and Ricky from American Beauty. There are a few other familiar faces, too. One of them is not Robert Redford. There’s nothing familiar about his face anymore. He’s just plain old and rotting.

Robert Redford Pete's Dragon
“I was in this movie???” – Robert Redford’s comments on the film

Pete’s Dragon is not the best Disney movie you’ll ever see. It’s still a nice, light romp where all of the great violence happens off screen. I suppose the important lesson we can gain from it is for the best scenes, we ought to use our imaginations.

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