Filipino Flavors: What’s an Ube?

Filipinos have many of the same flavors as we do in the US. Chocolate is common in the Philippines as are many other classics. I’m pretty sure North Korea is the only place without chocolate.

Kim Jung Un Fat
North Korea’s chocolate supply has gone down ever since this man came into power.

As far as ice cream goes, the Philippines offers unique tastes. They actually have a cheese flavored ice cream which is most likely used to torture prisoners. It’s also available in stores for those more adventure folk tired of nibbling on another strange flavor: grandma’s cuticles.

The Philippines is also missing out on some other classics. I had to introduce Jenny to mint chocolate chip and cookie dough. Well, we didn’t exactly get cookie dough ice cream. We just ate it raw when our oven smoked. She got the point.

Cookie Dough
Someone’s excited to eat cookies….
Raw Cookie Dough
….But she’ll settle for it raw.

To make up for their loss, the Philippines has many Ube flavored items. If you’re an American, you’re probably wondering what the hell this is.

Ube is a purple root crop which is common in the Philippines. Basically anything sweet they sell has an Ube option. I’ve had the purple stuff in many different forms. I can’t say it’s especially amazing, but it sure does add something new to my taste buds.

Ube Monster Penis
Why does Ube look like a troll’s penis that was cut off?

I’m a big fan of purple foods. Grape soda is legendary in my stomach. Ube’s fun, semi-gay coloring surely is a delightful addition to its unique taste.

Along with this flavor, Pinipig is another one you won’t find anywhere in the US. According to Jenny whom I just asked as she brushes her hair, Pinipig is not made from actual pig. She said, “It has nuts. It’s really like an almond dish. It’s nuts.”

This is a Pinny Pig, not to be confused with Pinipig. Google pinny and you might understand this joke.

The only Pinipig I have had was in polvoron form. Polvoron is a common candy in the Philippines mostly made of shortbread. Surely, some human skin is present as well. After all, humans lose skin at a rapid pace. We’re practically pale snakes with legs.

I definitely recommend trying Ube, Pinipig, and other unique flavors from the Philippines or other cultures. Chocolate is great, but it’s always nice to try something new if only to make chocolate a little jealous and work harder in the future.

6 thoughts on “Filipino Flavors: What’s an Ube?

  1. When you start craving for ube flavored foods ( jam, bread filling, ice cream, cakes, etc. ) , congratulations ! ! ! By the way, if there’s an Asian grocery near you, and you want to buy raw ube ( powder or grated ), see to it it ‘s from the Philippines. There’s a product from Vietnam , and it tastes like crap ! !

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Adoboooooooo ! LOL

        Oh, wait, a cousin of banana cue is turron ( banana wrapped in, well, wrapper, and deep fried. Yum ) Great street food in the Philippines.

        If you have tried chocolate soup ( dinuguan ), a pig’s blood dish….. and liked it…… then you’re legit….. the Mrs. can give you the badge. ^__^


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