Our First Valentine’s Day Together + a VLOG

Yesterday was the first Valentine’s Day Jenny and I spent together. Thankfully, we got to spend the full day together because we had some adult activities we had to take care of.

Our day began like most days do with our eyes opening. I think in my entire life about 99% have started this way. The rest were during a rebellious phase when I insisted on keeping my eyes shut as a statement against ugly people.

We left our home early, and headed to the train station where we took selfies and silently contemplated whether it was proper to pee in public or not.

valentines day love
If you had one guess based on our faces, who would you say has to pee more?

The train did eventually come. This was hardly the end of our journey as it involved transferring to yet another train after playing Frogger around homeless people.

Our main train ride was not a very lengthy one. We passed the time by making silly faces at the camera and insisting to the man taking the tickets that we could not speak English and had a hearing impairment.

Valentines Day date
You would think anyone capable of making the face I am in this picture would have to be alone on Valentine’s Day.

As we arrived to our destination early, we had time to eat lunch. Since it was Valentine’s Day, we decided on the classiest place possible: Wendy’s. Honestly, it was really the only place that looked inhabitable in the area. There was an IHop down the street as well, but I’m firmly trying to stay away from Apple products.

Eating at Wendys
What I’m not against is staring at other people at Wendy’s.

We killed about an hour at Wendy’s before heading to our destination where we were briefly separated. I spent some time alone writing at a Dunkin Donuts that lost its bathroom key.

About an hour and a half later, Jenny and I reunited, but not after I saw someone get tackled to the ground by police. As much as I know this was because he was a criminal, a part of me wants to think this was them showing him affection. This was Valentine’s Day, after all.

Our day wasn’t nearly over yet. To save you some time and torture from reading my writing, here’s an abridged version of what we did in this new format called video:

And just in case you are wondering, we did enjoy plenty of sweets over the last few days. This wasn’t even our real Valentine’s Day date as we went out on Saturday for that adventure. Surely, we’ll get around to sharing that adventure soon.

On my way home Monday, I unselfishly purchased a big Kit Kat and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup shaped like a heart on my way home. Selfishly, I ate half of each of them.

Valentine's Day candy
Have you ever seen two people so in love with the candy they’re holding?

Maybe we didn’t have the most romantic Valentine’s Day of anyone out there. But we did have cheeseburgers, sushi, candy, and time together. What’s there to complain about? For the first time in our relationship, we got to have the last one on this list and share the first three.

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