I Don’t Like Carrots, But…

…I could still draw them!

The carrot is my second least favorite vegetable (first place goes to celery, of course!). This is something I share with Timmy. Not that we don’t eat carrots when it’s in front of us–we’re not that rude! We don’t want to hurt its feelings (or waste resources). Still, we’d rather eat it when it doesn’t taste like a carrot at all. Like say, a Cheetos-flavored carrot, that would be ideal…

I wonder: if I loved and eat carrots more as a kid, would I still have really bad eyesight? Probably. Still, I hope my chubby nephews would have a more pleasant relationship with this orange vegetable. It just might save them from a lifetime of eyeglasses!

Don’t even suggest contact lenses. I have a horrifying story about that. But that’s for another blog post.

Apollo and his new friend…I hope!


4 thoughts on “I Don’t Like Carrots, But…

  1. Thank you for the kind and sweet posts…they make me smile!
    My daughter didn’t like carrots either until we bought her a rabbit when she was 9…we told her about Bunny’s eyesight and that she could see for miles because she ate so many carrots. That did it! ❤

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