Minimalism and Dreams

I am a minimalist. Normally I wouldn’t use such a popular label onto myself, but that is what would accurately describe my lifestyle right now. It wasn’t something that I just discovered, not at all. It was a product of years of gradual simplifying and decluttering in all aspects of my life.

And I’ve never been more happy and satisfied.

Perhaps I shouldn’t say satisfied. For some, being satisfied suggests you’re content and ready to stagnate. Not at all! That is the exact opposite of what I want. I believe there is always room to improve, every second is a chance to develop yourself. To work on achieving your dreams.

What I mean with being satisfied is that right now, I am living the best way I know how. And that makes me happy.

I do not have much material things, in terms of quantity. Last year, I gave away most of my belongings. Not only because I have to leave for another country but also I just don’t feel the need of those things in my life anymore. All of my clothes could fit in a medium-sized luggage and oh, I am thrilled by that!

I like that I do not have a mess of “stuff” surrounding me. Growing up, I lived in your typical home where clutter is but a part of your existence. I used to think that more is better. Until my late teens, I still felt that way. But when I reached twenty, things slowly began to lose their grandeur. I just am not satisfied by material things anymore. Whenever I go to the malls, this creeping feeling of dread and pointlessness always seem to be by my side.  I realized that placing your happiness on acquiring material stuff is a pointless game of chasing your own tail. There will always be something better. Something more shiny and efficient and fashionable and ergonomic. Businesses and advertisers will make sure of that.

Worst of all, for people like me whose state of mind is easily affected by her surroundings, having more stuff creates more mental noise. I wanted to get rid of that. Especially when I discovered that creating gives me more satisfaction than any material thing I could buy.

So I got rid of stuff. Slowly but constantly, until I know that the material things I own are just the things I need or love and enjoy.

And now, I have more focus for the things that actually matter to me.

Except that they’re not all things. Most important of all are the people who matter in my life.

Now that I have less material stuff to “love” and place my priorities on, I have more time to spend on what truly matters to me: the people I love, creating, and trying to figure out how to contribute to make this a better world.

All with a bee beside me, of course.


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