LDR No More

Three days ago, I met Timmy again after six months. It was different from the last times we’ve been together. Back then it ended in painful goodbyes after several days. This time, it would take several years before we have to do that we never have to say goodbye again.

Oh, we’d do everything we can not to. Not now when we’re finally together after such a long, grueling process of going through immigration clearances! Yes, I am finally in the US. Finally with my beeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Of course we had to take a selfie with the red tree!

It still doesn’t feel real now, even though I already have a US number and Timmy texts me instead of figuring out how to use the Facebook Messenger app on his phone. We also go on “real” dates now instead of the Skype ones we have every weekend. We’ve also heard each other fart again after such a long time. Truly, this is the beginning of the kind of life we’ve been waiting for all our lives–farting together with the person you love. What could be more romantic?

We haven’t taken pics of each other’s butts yet. This will have to do for now.

6 thoughts on “LDR No More

    1. Thanks! It still feels surreal, really. It will even feel more surreal when we get married in a few weeks. Now that’s something else…aaaaaaah 😀

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  1. Hallo! Congratulations!!! 😀 I am so proud of you two!!! I hope the very best for you guys in the futureeee! Take careeeee~~~~


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