An Easy Promise

A certain bee I know will be with me soon in my humble little home in the United States. I only need to survive a few more days without her. For anyone who has ever been apart from someone they love, you can understand how literal I’m being. Some days I wonder what the point of getting out of bed even is. Lately, knowing she’ll be here soon, the purpose is to clean up and convince her I haven’t been a single guy living alone in this apartment for almost 4 years.

This is actually one step up from where I live. They have a couch!!!
This is actually one step up from where I live. They have a couch!!!

As simple as they are, it’s those little things I look forward to doing with Jenny once she gets here. Grocery shopping, doing dishes, and all of those generally boring chores are going to be a lot more fun when she is around. Plus, she’ll tell me when I have food on my face. This happens a lot more than you’d think it should for someone who is almost 30.

Maybe it’s part of a delusional life I yearn for, but I hope to make the life Jenny and I have one full of goofy singing and dancing. I mean, who doesn’t want to live in a musical? Of course, I can’t do this when I’m living alone. Otherwise that’s batshit insane. When we’re together though, at least it’s batshit insane with another person witnessing it, I suppose.

To make an easy promise to Jenny, our life will be filled with silly little moments like this. Maybe when it’s time to take out the trash I’ll pretend I’m Santa Claus, throw the bag over my shoulder, and then hand out our used tissues to children on the street. Or perhaps whenever the time comes to do laundry, I’ll leave a message for her on the backside of my underwear. As a man, I can’t promise this will always be intentional.

Of all the things I can promise to Jenny, the one thing I want to guarantee is unconditional love. What more could a woman ever want? It’s all I need from her. One way to show that love is to make life a little more fun. Who doesn’t want that?

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