Three Years Ago

Three years ago today, the day known as Declaration Day began. Not to bore you with the way Jenny and I came to bee (you’re here for the poop jokes after all) let me just say it happened three years ago on this very day. We had been friends for a while and grew increasingly closer in the early part of the year starting with us becoming Facebook friends. As everyone knows, no relationship is real unless it involves friendship, a follow, or a like on social media.

It has been a long road for us both. Right now, we don’t even feel much like celebrating although deep down inside we both know the result is the same and everything is fine. We’ll do our best not to act like zombies.

Three years means we’ve spent 36 months as a couple. Because I am in a bullet point mood, let me go down each month and what I remember most about it.

August 2013: Declaration Day! First Skype session. She doesn’t think I’m ugly. Yes!

September 2013: My birthday gift arrives early. Was this the book you made me? Holy shit you’re amazing, funny, talented, and a great gift giver.

October 2013: You braved a bad Skype connection to spend my birthday with me. Thank you. Also, Spiro.

November 2013: I don’t remember anything specific from this month. We were still in early honeymoon phase.

December 2013: Pee drink? Or am I a year too early? I did eat Filipino food for the first time though. And I even tried mango float!

January 2014: Ugh winter. Skype connection not as good as it used to be. I researched and the infamous Bee Picture was taken this month.

February 2014: This was a terrible month. Your Internet was really bad and your job was draining you. Nooo. We got through it. We always do.

March 2014: We started talking more frequently again. Thank you Internet. I also shaved my head according to my old pictures.

April 2014: Your first birthday with us as a couple. I’m pretty sure we piggied.

May 2014: Damn it this was irrelevant month. You were sick lots though. The “Timmybee I’m sick. Call the doctor really quick” soundtrack was made.

June 2014: This one too. My memory is terrible. I look so thin in pictures from then!

July 2014: Our first real fight. We couldn’t decide who loved the other more. Smooch Smooch Poop

August 2014: One year loveaversary. How’d we make it?

September 2014: This was gloomy time I think right before you quit your job. I also tried Jollibee for the first time. Ohhh that was good.

October 2014: You were so tired and exhausted, but work almost done. Woo! This was also my second birthday with you. I got a burger and you woke up late to share one with me because I am an impatient pig.

November 2014: I Love You Jenny Morris.

December 2014: Pee drink again, probably. This is when I spent like a week and a half dog-sitting and I didn’t get out of bed at all on New Year’s Day.

January 2015: I updated the background of my computer screen to one of you making kissy face. I changed it a few months ago now to one of us together. We began watching movies a lot more frequently together and shortly thereafter it became a tradition.

February 2015: This is when my work started getting shitty because you knew who came :3

March 2015: Oh I started my Sportsblog page this month. You even drew me a great logo that I post on every article I make.

April 2015: Your second birthday we spent together. I ate Chinese food while wearing a hoodie. Chinese food is such my piggy food and you never disown me.

May 2015: This was our phase when we were making fun of a certain type of people lots. One of their initials is JB.

June 2015: I spent a weekend at my dad’s and we watched Nightcrawler. What you didn’t know was that I was eating ice cream as we did. I was too embarrassed to tell you.

July 2015: I think you started your new job around this time. Ohhh it is funny how excited we are for new jobs isn’t it?

August 2015: This was a really big month. It was the month I decided I was going to ask you to marry me after two years together. We set our plans to meet up too, finally. Fuck all of this you’ve already met and we’re FINALLY about to meet? If there’s anything I regret, it’s that we took so long.

September 2015: I can’t think of anything else other than losing weight and getting ready to not disappoint you in person.

October 2015: Our first beecation. I could go on forever about it. You were more than I could imagine. I am glad I proposed to you. It was a long time coming.

November 2015: Can I go back to the Philippines already?

December 2015: I Skyped with your family for the first time. Ahhh thankfully I’ll never have to meet them. (see April 2016)

January 2016: We booked everything for our second beecation. Yep. We couldn’t wait to be together again already.

February 2016: This month actually went by pretty fast. Wow it feels like forever ago though. We actually started our research on how to file petition for Visa.

March 2016: Petition is filed. It took a lot of work from us both, but we did it. Now to wait.

April 2016: Beecation sequel. This time we spend two weeks together instead of one. I fall even more in love with you. I meet your family. I see even more how perfect we are for each other.

May 2016: Can I go back to the Philippines? No seriously. Can I just stay?

June 2016: We got NOA2!!! Oh that was good happy dance day.

July 2016: We have a better idea of when we might be together. Each day dragged on. Each day felt empty and meaningless apart. We’re so emo. We should start a goth band.

August 2016: Today. This month. This moment. It has been a busy one. We’ve already had a lot occur that will push us closer to being together. Soon. It might not have all gone the way we wanted or as quickly. But then let’s remember, we thought this whole process would take a lot longer. What difference does one week really make? And even then, we’re just assuming there’s a delay because we’re two people with a lot of self-doubt and that will never change…or will it? When we’re finally together and never have to say goodbye again, I think it will.

Happiness is not a disease. Happiness is this.
Happiness is not a disease. Happiness is this.

Thank you for three love filled years and for always allowing me to bee me.

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