Cooking 101: Humba (Or How to Feed Your Husband-to-Bee)

In a couple of weeks’ time, I’m gonna rob Timmy of his glorious bachelor’s life. To do that, I’d have to move away from my family–that means, I can no longer taste Filipino food as often as I want.

Unless, of course, I learn how to cook.

One of the very first things Timmy learned about me is that I am good at piggying. When it comes to cooking though, I am the total opposite. And that’s absolutely because for lack of trying. I guess I’m just lazy. Who wouldn’t if you’re surrounded with family members who always do the cooking? Well I guess not everyone. I’m just trying to find an excuse for my laziness!!!

Timmy changed that though. Here’s a confession: I like feeding him. Especially Filipino food because he doesn’t get them often and he seemed to like them (unless he’s a very good actor). The only way I could keep on doing this when we finally live together is to learn how to cook.

So last August 4 I decided to have my very first attempt at cooking: I cooked Humba.

“Humba” is almost spelled like Pumba for a very good reason. It is a pork dish, the sweet version of the Filipino “Pork Adobo”. The only difference between the two is that you add brown sugar in Humba. I learned the whole way of cooking and the ingredients from my mama. She’s a really good cook. I blame her why I turn out the way I am: a Paul Mason disciple.

I was both nervous and excited while I was starting to dump all ingredients in the pan. What if I can’t do this right? What if I’m bound to prepare canned goods and ready-to-microwave food forever for beehive residents? What if Timmy will divorce me because I don’t make good use of his stove?

But just a couple of minutes later, a wonderful, mouth-watering smell came wafting from the pan. I must have been doing it right! And so I did my first ” tasting” to see if it tastes good enough. You see, cooking is really trial and error (oooh I sound like a professional). And I’ve had all my life to practice on my tasting skills, which proved to be really useful. And so after less than 20 minutes, my first ever cooked dish was ready to serve! Ooooooooohhh…

Without further ado, here’s how my “Humba” looked:

Doesn’t it look yummy? Yes, that’s rice on the right. No Filipino dish is complete without it!

The best part is everybody loved it! Unless somebody paid them to devour it and the extra servings of rice we cooked for the occasion (yes it’s an occasion, the first time they saw me cook in 24 years after all).

Yes, I am now an official cook! *crazy laugh*

I sooo didn’t think I could cook a delicious meal. But oh it felt good to be able to. Oooh I cannot wait until I am able to make the dish for Timmy. I learned it for him after all. I’d be so disappointed if he ends up not liking it. *hint hint* On a positive note, I’d have it all to myself…

***Humba Ingredients***

(Quantities are all estimates. I added stuff depending on the “taste”.)

Pork belly



Soy Sauce


Brown Sugar

(*soy sauce, vinegar, and brown sugar are in 1:1 ratio with each other…unless a little less or more tastes better :3 )

A pinch of salt

Salted black beans

Banana blossoms

Dried laurel leaves


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