Real Men Wear Flowers

It’s been 2 months and 12 days since I last saw Timmy/felt the tip of his fingertips brush against mine as he walked away from me towards the airport gates. But I am not going to write about sad, gut-wrenching things. Merely waiting for the next step in this BEEsa (visa) processing is enough to make us gloomy since we are impatient, horny people. Also, it is not right for bees to be apart!

So instead, I’m going to write about how attractive I find Timmy because of how manly he is. He does this by doing unmanly things.

Yep, no typo there.

Don’t be confused. Here, let this picture help you:

I would like to say this is the usual way Timmy looks/poses. However, he did this thinking it is a very good imitation of how I look. Yes, because I like standing with my hand on my hip and all my weight on my dysfunctional left leg. LEFT LEG. You should have known better, you bee!!!

Timmy is a very good mimic. Whenever I ask him to copy somebody–especially people in his life I have yet to meet–he does a very convincing job and acts exactly/close to how I picture them in my head. Even I was not safe from this very observant human being. The result is the picture above, that while he says: “Fuck me, Timmy! Fuck me!”

Before I veer too much off topic and tell you how inappropriate wonderful he is, what I meant when he’s so manly by being unmanly is that he’s very confident with his gender it doesn’t bother him doing “girly” things. He primarily did them to make me laugh…at least, that’s what I think. But I could be wrong…

Anyway, the perfect example of this “inclination” was when he wore flowers not just during our October beecation but also last April.

Wearing a flower in the safety of the shadows in our room October last year.
Six months later, he wore it out in broad daylight, with about 20 or more curious people surrounding him. Talk about confidence!

I think soon enough, Timmy could start another blog. This time, it would be dedicated to photos of him wearing a different flower for every occasion. Ohhh sooo creative. How could one ever wonder why I love this man?

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