On the Plus Side…

While waiting for our case number from the NVC, I regret not submitting our petition earlier. I miss Jenny lots these days. More than two months have passed since I’ve plucked a piece of dandruff from her head. No man should go that long away from the woman he loves most.

As regretful as I am, who says I wouldn’t have just felt this way sooner? It’s no fun at all waiting to move into the next step in this process no matter which stage you’re in. If we had done it sooner, like even late 2015, we’d be together by now. It aches knowing this now.

On the plus side…

If we filed then we wouldn’t have had our second beecation. Maybe we would have, but everything about it would’ve been shorter. It would’ve had different results completely and who knows how the rest of our lives would bee?

We didn’t file right after meeting for several reasons. I’m not sure either of us was prepared to. The advice I have is know yourself and try to calculate when you will be prepared. By March, Jenny and I were fully able to move onto the next phase of our lives. Unfortunately, the paperwork we need to fill out wasn’t.

These days I envy any couple who is together regularly. Even a cross country relationship or one less than a continent and ocean away has its perks. Even if I left on Friday morning to see Jenny, I’d have to depart almost immediately after to make it back by Monday for work. The distance we are apart doesn’t help at all in scheduling more frequent, brief gatherings.


I’ll continue to call the NVC daily until we get our number from them. We’re so close, I can almost see the dandruff in her hair.

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