Three-Day Weekends Are Rough When You’re Waiting on the Government

The next step Jenny and I have in the process of being together involves a lot of waiting. We’ve received our NOA2 and now we’re waiting on finding out the new case number from the National Visa Center. It’s not fun at all because we’ve stalled in our progress. There’s no definitive day when we’ll get it either although based on other users on Visa Journey, it should be sometime this week. I haven’t found anyone on the forums who have received theirs so we may have to drag ourselves through another week before moving along.

An abridged version of how it all works, I send a packet of information to the USCIS in Texas which is then forwarded to California. They then approve the case then forward the information to the NVC in New Hampshire. The NVC assigns a case number then send it to the consulate, in our case in the Philippines. The consulate in Manila then sends Jenny a checklist and we go from there. Basically, my autograph is traveling all over the world while I’m stuck at home wishing time machines had been invented. Can’t I just go on a two-week bender to feel like this is going quicker?

Before she receives the checklist though, we’re able to call ahead and get the case number from the NVC. This only saves us a couple of days, maybe a week at the most, but once we do have the case number we’re able to schedule the interview. This is the big moment where we’ll know for sure whether she can come live with me or not. All of the reviews I’ve read online, it’s a simple process that just takes patience.

So sit by yourself on a dock and angrily reflect on what you're waiting on? I think that's a bad idea.
So sit by yourself on a dock and angrily reflect on what you’re waiting on? I think that’s a bad idea.

We pretty much know what we’re doing now. Unfortunately the problem is time will not speed up. This past weekend was a three-day weekend with Fourth of July falling on a Monday. This delayed progress of our case by a day and made for an ill-timed holiday weekend. Normally I’d embrace the idea of having three days off in a row. Right now as I wait to move onto the next step, it feels like torture. Have you seen the movies available on Netflix? There’s only so much one man can do to kill time.

The government workers definitely deserve the day off. Hopefully this means when they return to work they will have plenty of energy to get more case numbers processed. When I resume calling the NVC each day when I get home from work on Tuesday, I’ll have my fingers crossed that a case number is finally available.

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