The Hardest I Have Ever Laughed

When was the time you laughed the hardest? I’m guessing you were standing in front of a mirror naked, you monster. Seriously. You call that a human body?

For me, the hardest genuine laugh I ever had was with Jenny this past April. We’ve made each other laugh pretty hard a few times. Only once was I always a little scared at the same time.

We were at Army Navy, an American themed restaurant, on our last full day together. After nearly a full two weeks by each other’s side, I would say we were pretty comfortable in each other’s presence. We were already beginning to feel some blues with my impending departure and were doing whatever we could to make each other laugh on a consistent basis. I can’t remember exactly what the lead-up to it was, but Jenny decided to get artistic.

One thing I truly admire about Jenny is how great she is with art. The best picture I ever drew was in the snow with my urine. Jenny can somehow make art with just about anything, including lipstick on her face.

Knowing it would completely tear me apart with laughter, Jenny began to sketch…well…do I need to say what it was?

Holding it together...
Holding it together…
Can't control laughter anymore...
Can’t control laughter anymore…

If you’re a younger reader, let’s call it a baseball bat.

Funny enough to do in public in a restaurant with people actually coming in and out, Jenny was also more than willing to walk out with the logo on her cheek. We get stared at enough in the Philippines. What would happen now with her strutting around confidently with that thing on her face? And with a white man too.

I ultimately convinced Jenny it was best to remove it before anyone she knew saw her gag (no pun intended). The last thing I wanted was for people to think I was a bad influence on her. I swear, I’m not.

Jenny knows exactly how to make me laugh. It doesn’t always take a lipstick penis on the face. She’s smart enough to know this was the most universally appreciated thing she could do. I think a pink penis on the side of anybody’s face is as safe of a laugh creator as anything else out there.

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