In all aspects of life we want approval. We want approval at work, from our family, from our classmates who we realize far too late in life are dicks, etc.

Approval is great. Even better is approval on your I-129F Petition.

After almost three months of waiting, Jenny and I were approved to move onto the next step of being together on a permanent basis. Believing I would find out soon, but not this soon, I saw an email from the USCIS Tuesday morning at around 10:45am. My eyes excitedly scanned until I saw the a-word: asshole.

No actually the word was approved. I couldn’t believe it so I checked my phone where I had a text saying everything except approved. It directed me to the website where I then went and saw that important word.

We had done it. Through blood, sweat, and ink our first contact with immigration to bring Jenny to the US was a rousing success. We weren’t projected to hear anything until later in the week at the earliest so I consider us pretty lucky. Prior to a few weeks ago we thought approval was going to happen in August on the early end.

The next step for me is to get some papers to Jenny and for her to take the lead in the process. This involves some traveling, but it’s all worth it if we get to be together…

…says the guy who doesn’t have to travel anywhere. But I’ll help her out. We’re partners after all.

Suspicious of each other's love? Nah. Nothing to bee suspicious about.
Suspicious of each other’s love? Nah. Nothing to bee suspicious about.

The Embassy will contact Jenny directly in about 4 weeks with a package on how to proceed. She’ll have to get her butt poked and an interview. Maybe, if she is willing to speed things alone, Jenny can get interviewed while getting her butt poked.

Approval has never felt so good. Jenny and I were both really missing each other on Sunday and this news makes being together a reality.

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