Beecation Soundtrack Playlist: Black Hole Sun (Piano Version)

Lots of songs remind me of my time with Jenny. Here on the Bee Blog I’ll share with you which songs they are and why. Whether it’s because we heard it together, she sang it, or in this case because it was a unique version I heard during my travels; these are the songs I associate with the time I spent with her.

The opening song to this playlist is Black Hole Sun originally performed by Soundgarden. They happen to be one of my favorite bands and it’s a song I’ve heard hundreds of times. The music video is a lot tougher to watch due to its strange imagery. I saw it once as a youth and it literally made me sick to my stomach because of how weird it is.

This original version, however, is not the one on our playlist. The piano version, performed by anyone with a set of fingers and a piano handy, is the one I’d like to add as our opener. It was played on the plane both times I visited Jenny as we sat waiting for take-off as well as when we landed.

Of all the songs to pick this is a rather strange choice. The song itself is pretty gloomy. The last emotion I want to feel while on a plane is despair. Nobody wants to cry hundreds of miles high in the sky. The same is true about pooping. Have you ever been on a 24-hour flight, though? I’ve done it a few times now and managed to go sans pooping although the Vancouver Airport was not as lucky.

Especially compared to other piano version songs they used, such as Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon, picking Black Hole Sun to welcome its passengers was an odd choice. Nevertheless, even removing the lyrics it’s a beautiful song and one I have stuck in my head. Whenever I hear Black Hole Sun now, I imagine myself back on the plane preparing to see the love of my life.

Somebody to love or somebody to shove?
Somebody to love or somebody to shove?

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