Tom Cruise is Really Short, I Remind Jenny of This Way Too Often

Yesterday was Saturday which means Jenny and I enjoyed a full day together, but of course also very far apart due to ocean restricts and the length of my arms. We chatted, Skyped, and watched a movie. The movie was Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation which led me to once again remind Jenny how short Tom Cruise is.

Sorry, Jenny!

She must be sick of it. Every time Tom Cruise comes up in conversation I remind her of how tiny he is. She at least acknowledged it and agreed the camera angles they use on him are done to make him look larger. In this film it was pretty obvious as each of his cast mates were dwarves or children dressed as adults.

I appreciate Jenny not calling me out for repeating myself. She probably figures it’s age catching up. I know for a fact Cruise is upset by his height because when I went on a tour of the Paramount Studios a few years ago the tour guide told us in the film Vanilla Sky they used a different door for him and Nicole Kidman in one scene. For Cruise they used a really tiny door to make him look bigger. For Kidman they had a giant door to make her look like she was of average height. I never saw Vanilla Sky, but have seen her with Cruise in photos. I bet whenever they’d do their grocery shopping Cruise would ride on the side of the shopping cart and nobody thought anything of it. I swear even though he’s listed at 5’8 Cruise is the size of a toe.

"Kidman" is actually the perfect name for Cruise as he's the size of a kid with the face of a man.
“Kidman” is actually the perfect name for Cruise as he’s the size of a kid with the face of a man.

As for the actual movie, it was the typical one you’d expect from the Mission Impossible franchise except a little more over-the-top. And when I say over-the-top I don’t mean it was at a level where Cruise would have to go on his tippy-toes to see.

Jenny and I also broke a rule during the movie. We had some candy she bought months ago ready to share on an upcoming day. Since we are both pigs and were craving chocolate, we indulged.

I didn't bother turning on my light.
I didn’t bother turning on my light and this makes me look like some creep; summing me up perfectly.
bee candy
She actually savored hers while I devoured mine during the 30 minutes she was disconnected from the Internet.

Looks like she’ll have to buy me more candy when I visit next. Somehow I managed to not eat it for three months knowing it was in my fridge. Bee proud.

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