50 Things to do with 100 Days Left in 2022

I thought a creative thing to do would be to make a list of 100 things to do. Then, as I saw the date, I realized there might actually only be 100 days left in 2022. I was exactly right! There must be a game show out there where my guessing is perfect. Maybe it’s called Jeopardy? with a question mark.

September 22 is the 265th day of the year. 

365 – 265 = 100

Fortunately, I’m not as behind on things as I may have thought. I could actually only come up with 50 things I need to do by the end of the year.

The list doesn’t include every day or usual tasks like the dishes or bathing my body. This list of chores, desires, and goals is so unusual it would never be the subject of a Tom Jones song.

There is no excuse now, is there? Accomplishing 50 things in 100 days should be easy.

1) Hire a chimney sweep to clean our chimney and maybe sing us a song

2) Renew my passport so I can escape–just in case

3) Call the heating company to prepare for winter so we don’t freeze to death

4) Take out the air conditioners from the windows so we don’t freeze to death

5) Learn how to use Da Vinci Resolve for video editing to make myself more useful

6) Create everything I need for my true crime-style website/YouTube channel in order to give myself even more things for future to-do lists

7) Contact a handyman about the broken deck only to find a temporary solution because I don’t want to pay the price

8) Reorganize the basement to make it less cluttered and attractive to spirits

9) Maybe reorganize the attic if reorganizing the basement doesn’t break my spirit

10) Plan my next vacation and what I’ll actually do with some time off

11) Complete a mandatory training for work because I need money

12) Hit my monthly writing quotas at all of the places I write

13) Figure out a useful way to use Two Bees in a Blog

14) Start actually writing some content for my true crime-style website to give myself an idea of what to talk about in the videos I make

15) Write a few scripts for Practically Humans videos to give Jenny and I an idea of what to talk about in the videos we make

16) Maybe see a doctor if time permits

17) Reorganize the kitchen the way I’ve been planning for months which involves throwing out expired foods and stocking up in case of an emergency

18) Decide what I’ll tweet from the Practically Humans Twitter page to make it more than another password to remember

19) Get rid of the ugly colored old paint in the basement

20) Sell a few things I don’t need anymore then be boring and invest the profits

21) Help Jenny get back on a better sleeping schedule

22) Go Christmas shopping

23) Plan how I’ll use the rest of my time off because last year I ended up taking unnecessary days off with nothing much to do with them

24) Start thinking about next year’s expenses and any big projects we may want to complete

25) Empty out my bedroom closet a little more and maybe add a shelf in there

26) Diet better or at least diet

27) Fully prepare for winter in every which way because I clearly don’t want to freeze to death

28) Comment on more blog posts and YouTube videos where people are sharing useful information

29) Strategize my creative endeavors more and how to make the most use of my time

30) Make an appointment with a notary because I have something they need to witness me signing

31) Learn how to use Storyblocks because right now I don’t have any idea

32) Rodent proof certain areas of the home better because we don’t need Mickey moving in

33) Clear the yard of leaves and sticks to make October and November a tiring month

34) Add Facebook Messenger back on my phone since it’s the primary way I have contact with my father

35) Clean out the not-so-messy car and maybe vacuum a little too

36) Finish maxing out my ROTH IRA for the year and hope the stock market doesn’t tank the next day

37) Make macaroni and cheese because it expires in November

38) Gain a respectable number of Twitter followers for Practically Humans

39) Gain a respectable number of YouTube subscribers for Practically Humans

40) Reach my financial earning goals at the primary places I write for income

41) Fit yoga into my schedule more regularly or at all

42) Make any money at affiliate marketing because in all of my attempts I never have stuck with it long enough

43) Create more backlinks for Practically Humans since this is apparently important

44) Take advantage of the fall weather by going outside more

45) Find a better place to keep our paper towels and toilet paper than in the hamper

46) Get an oil change for the car to prevent us from having to buy a new one anytime soon

47) Fill the carpenter bee holes in our wood fence only so the bees can come back next spring and create new ones

48) Move the wood on the side of the house somewhere else because it does nobody any good just sitting there

49) Clean up my home and work desktops of files nobody needs anymore

50) Learn the ratio of water to bleach or whatever the liquid we spray on the toilet brush is

I’m honestly surprised more of these don’t involve a toilet.

We’ve all got 100 days until the New Year (except for the Chinese). What’s on your to-do/want to/oughta list?


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