Would You Work with Your Spouse?

Something Jenny and I wouldn’t mind doing is working together. We nearly did, but ultimately decided that moving to Michigan on such short notice wasn’t the sanest venture to undertake.

We’re still very open to the idea in the future. So, if you happen to learn of any jobs for mattress testers, candy critics, or saying the word “butt” quota engineers, let us know.

Not everyone would willingly work with their significant other. I can understand why. We’re different people at work. Do we really want to see our family in that environment, being cruel to others? Or maybe it’s the other way around. They’d get to see your supervisor belittle you.

As with anything in life, other than seeing an enemy perish, there are pros and cons to working with your spouse. I’ve taken the liberty of searching online for a list of pros and cons to offer my own opinion on each.

Stolen from Canadian version of Monster.com, where we can assume all hockey players are drafted through, here is a list of pros and cons working with your spouse. I’ve shortened the description because I don’t want you to read too much. When people read too much, they get smarter. Smarter people means a rebellion.

Increased Intimacy

I found this to be a strange choice for the first item on this list. When I see the word intimacy, it’s usually during an incognito search on the web browser and at the corner computer in the library.

library porn
“Friendship is born in that moment when one person says to the other, ‘What? Large ebony father-in-law? I thought I was the only one.” – C.S. Lewis (Photo Courtesy of some college that would never accept me)

Of course, Monster.com (even the far more liberal Canadian version) means something else. They list the pros as a chance to share experiences aka make fun of the same coworkers. I’ve worked with family members in the past. I know what I’m talking about.

The downside, you may never feel like you can escape work. I understand this one. Unless you truly love your job, it might be annoying to share a bathroom at home with a workmate.

Professional Support

Does anyone else imagine a bra every time they see the word “support?” Honestly, I’ve never gotten through a call to tech support without imagine a digital pair of boobs.

weird science
If they made Weird Science today, Hollywood would force the teenage boys into giving her a strong female personality and a gunt. (Photo Courtesy of Metro.co.uk)

According to Monster, the benefit of working with a spouse means they understand the struggle more. They get yelled at by the same people all day. So, when you return home exhausted, they get it.

However, they may also think you’re a piece of crap. It’s hard to be objective with your spouse. This is the person who knows your deepest darkest secrets. One wrong move at work and they may tell your worst elementary school pooping in the pants story to everyone. I say worst because we all have several, right?

Personal Space

I think this one is the biggest reason why Jenny and I would love to work together. Years apart has made us dream about spending every moment we could together.

I understand not everyone experienced this. While some couples may still enjoy spending a lot of time together even while at work, others could hate it. That lack of personal space could drive some people nuts. I imagine it’s like having a Siamese twin that gives you boners.

siamese twins
How does basketball work for Siamese twins? Do they count as one or two players? What about taxes? (Photo Courtesy of Daily-Journal.com)


Money is everything. Apparently, it’s still true when working with your spouse. According to this list, there’s a benefit because you both get paid at the same time. Thanks to this, you can go out to a strip club together without having to pay for the other.

Not everything is gravy. Because you’re in the same industry, you could both lose your jobs at the same time. If this is a concern of yours though, you should work in rival companies so one of you survives.

hatfields mccoys
If you get a job scrubbing toilets for the McCoy Family, make sure you spouse does the same for the Hatfields. (Photo Courtesy of WHSV.com)


Impressing your partner at work will help make you more productive. I imagine you also aren’t quite as eager to leave the office/Port-O Potty factory with your partner already there. I know from experience how much quicker I want to leave work when I have Jenny waiting for me. If we worked together, I wouldn’t have to lie about having diarrhea as much in order to get out sooner.

diarrhea at work
When it’s not even 10am and you’ve got diarrhea at work it’s time to quit your job and move off the grid. Screw your 401K and family. You’re not getting out of this. (Photo Courtesy of Thompsontee.com)

Obviously, if things aren’t well at home, your productivity could lack. I don’t see how this is specific to working with your partner. I guess if you’re having a really awful fight it may carry into the office.

How do you think you and your significant other would handle working together? 

2 thoughts on “Would You Work with Your Spouse?

  1. I have some advice for you.

    After 13 years together, 10 years married, and working at the same places for nearly the whole time, I personally have had it.

    My husband keeps pushing for me to get him a job where I just got on, and frankly, I don’t want him there. Work is literally the only place I am not “Ryan & Steph.” It is the only place I have my own identity and can establish me as me. Don’t do it.


    1. That’s a fair point. Our worlds rarely collide. I think some people think we’re making each other up. We’ll take your warning to heart and ask the good HR people at the diaper factor to revoke our application.


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