Bees of New York

Last Saturday, we found out some sweet honey: we got featured in Humans of New York!

Below is the exact photo and caption that was posted on HONY’s Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter and website (which are all awesome, and definitely worth following).

(Image credits to Humans of New York)

“We met five years ago in the comment section of our WordPress blogs. I was living in the Philippines. I randomly discovered his blog and commented on a post about how much he can eat in one sitting. Then it became one ongoing conversation for three years. We began our relationship on August 24th 2013– when I wrote ‘I love you’ in an email. We talked every day, but we didn’t even meet in person until two years later when he came to visit me in the Philippines. He proposed the very first day. We stopped working on our old blogs and created one together called Two Bees In A Blog.”

This story would sound just too familiar for those who’ve been with us for a while now. You all know we’re currently married and living together and, finally, have kissed that LDR situation goodbye.

But we keep writing about it because it is a big part of our relationship and always will be. We write about it because sharing a story has more meaning when you know it can do something good to at least one other person.  We know there are many other couples who have to endure the hardship of long distance relationships, who have to love from a distance, who have to miss the physical aspect of love, who have to fight a just a bit harder to make love work. We know how hard it is, and we know that one day it just might all be worth it.

What’s even more heartwarming was seeing comments on HONY’s posts sharing their (once) similar situations–long-distance lovers who made it work and are now living life together.  True, not all long distance (or, for the modern folks, Internet) love stories end up with both people finally being and living together.  Some just don’t work out–exactly one of the outcomes that you could expect from any other relationship.  Love is always a gamble, no matter what form it takes. And if you by any chance end up drawing the LDR straw, never fear. It could still turn out beautifully.

To those who have sent out their support and well-wishes, thank you so much! It truly warms our hearts. To those who shared their own stories in the comments section, thank you as well, for bringing more hope to others, especially those who are still in an LDR situation. To those who are currently seeking for love, I’m sorry I’m not available anymore. 🤣

But seriously, there must someone for you out there. When Timmy and I found each other, we weren’t really looking for romantic love. But we loved each other as a friend, and it grew from there. Before that, to me, he was just a random blogger that I found somewhat interesting. Who knows, the love of your life might be somebody who’s already in your circle of friends right now. Or somebody you ride with on public transportation. Or that “Internet troll” you had an argument with.  Or maybe that person’s not even been born yet.  You can’t really tell–you just have to take your chances and interact with another human being.

And if you’re lucky, you’re gonna be able to do that by doing something that you love. I love writing and blogging and I unintentionally found Timmy by doing that. I invested my time in something that makes me feel good. I focused on myself first, and I just got lucky it was something that could be a platform to interact with others as well.

There’s not one single fool-proof set of guidelines for love. We’re all aiming blindly, hoping that someone out there would find our flailing hand, find it quite pleasing, and decide to actually stay and keep on holding it. There are no guarantees. But then again, how could you find a love that is worthwhile and beautiful if you’re not going to beelieve?

4 thoughts on “Bees of New York

  1. Im here because of HONY I too have a LDR and it sucks but i love himand he loves me too. Hopefully we end up like you- getting married!!


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