Movies We Mention Literally Every Day: The Greasy Strangler

A few weeks ago, Jenny and I were sitting in a Dominos researching good, obscure movies available on Amazon streaming to watch while we shovel pizza into our mouths. One which piqued our interest was The Greasy Strangler. This incredibly odd film left a lasting impact on us. We mention it literally every day now. This subculture phenomenon is now a part of our lives like a baby or HPV.

the greasy strangler
Probably the tamest part of this movie.

The movie’s plot is about a serial killer known as the Greasy Strangler, which to our surprise, had nothing to do with the movie Grease. It’s clear early on who the killer is, so for the sake of not spoiling much, it’s a naked old man that covers himself in grease.

Worse, he wears a giant prosthetic penis for most of the film. His son wears a miniature one in one scene just to add to the insanity. Plus, I hear the prosthetic micro-penis business is struggling ever since Donald Trump gave tiny peckers a bad name.

In terms of filmmaking, TGS isn’t a masterpiece. At no point was Stephen Spielberg ever associated with this movie. In fact, he probably wishes he never visited Hollywood. It’s a convoluted tale which is shocking for the sake of making you want to throw up your Dominos pizza if it didn’t taste so wonderful.

eating dominos
Who looks this sad while eating Dominos? This family must really hate each other.

But it’s still worth seeing.

This is a modern day John Waters flick with a few more laws keeping the movie slightly closer to reality. You’ll want to puke at some scenes. During others, you may wish you were never born at all.

One particular scene managed to grab our attention. It involves three minor characters talking in front of a vending machine. One, an Indian man with a lisp, cannot say potato. Instead, he calls it Porto.

Not a day has gone by without us saying the word porto. My phone even autocorrects potato to Porto sometimes. I don’t need to tell you why the scene is funny. It’s perfect. The length of the joke, his nativity, and the insistence on not trying to clarify further make it a gem.

For this scene alone, TGS is worth watching. But you just did watch. So, view something else instead.

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