Fourth of July Movie Marathon Review: Okja, The Invitation, It Follows

We’ve watched a lot of movies recently. The four-day holiday over Independence Day provided us with the luxury of cleaning out the Netflix queue. Over that particular weekend, we watched three movies with very strong messages: don’t eat meat, don’t have friends, don’t have sex.

I agree with one of those. After I climax alone and eat this donut, I’ll tell you which.

The don’t eat meat movie was Okja. This is a Netflix original about super pigs and Korean girls and Glen from the Walking Dead.

The two stars of the film: a Korean girl and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

The message of this film is basically pro-veganism, but not really. Jokes are made at the expense of activists so nobody’s really sure whose side the writer is on.

Most impressive, Jenny recognized a minor character from Train to Busan. You go gooorl!

Overall, Okja was exactly what we wanted it to be: unique, fun, and not too heartbreaking. It’s just a shame we made humba two days later.

Next on our list was The Invitation. This is a movie we’ve avoided for a while because of its vague Netflix description. As it turns out, it was pretty good.

the invitation
I hope it’s obvious how much this screen grab would make an antisocial couple want to avoid the film.

A man is invited to his ex-wife’s dinner party with a bunch of friends and we’re left wondering whether he’s crazy or if all of the friends are in danger. It’s clear his wife and several others are in a cult, but is it a dangerous one?

Like it or not, this movie is a great reminder of the importance of being alone. The most annoying part of it was how all of the friends kept saying “I love you” to one another. Do people actually love their friends? I thought friends were chauffeurs you’d rather not die.

Finally, there’s It Follows. This is the horror genre’s anti-sex film, though, it’s not really the intention. In a nutshell, a girl sleeps with a guy and gets the worst STD imaginable: a creepy shape-shifting ghoul that follows you until you’re killed.

it follows
When white NBA players retire, they get roles in horror films.

The film’s style was especially fantastic as it felt very 1980s. There were also many tricks into never really remaining consistent with which decade or season it takes place. This was subtle and of course Jenny noticed. I was too busy thinking of ways to scare her later on.

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