the babadook

Did the Australians Ruin the Babadook?

A modern-day horror movie everyone seems to enjoy is The Babadook. Jenny loves horror (she married me) so of course we watched it.

the babadook
Are those nightmarish jazz hands?

Months have passed since we did and in that time I have not changed my opinion. The highly-hyped horror was nothing special and offered fewer frights than blood in the toilet.

The Babadook monster is certainly scary and a cool concept. How often do movie monsters where a hat?

freddy krueger
Oh yeah. This guy.

The film’s execution, however, was somewhat disappointing. Personally, I blame Australians.

Have the Australians ever put out a good movie? Other than Mad Max: Pig in the City, I’m at a loss.

babe pig in the city
If I was good at Photoshopped I’d add in the guy with the flaming guitar on the pig’s head.

Surely, I’m being naive. Australia has produced several good movies yet I can’t think of any nor should you waste your time doing the same. You have a kid to feed, you bastard. Their version of Wilfred was inferior and The Rescuers Down Under was something only a fat retarded kid could enjoy; hence why I have seen it dozens of times.

Even if we don’t want to blame Australians for this overrated horror film, let’s not forget aboriginals were considered animals until two years before man landed on the moon. You think Mel Gibson is bad? Imagine how terrible his convict offspring grandfather was.

For me, The Babadook left only a small impression. It’s the kind you get on your butt when sitting on a mint too long. The difference is I didn’t feel anally refreshed after.

As far as scares go, I was only frightened due to the anticipation of something happening. To the film’s credit, though, this isn’t one of those cheap scare-flicks. It actually has a story which I suppose has some deep meaning about losing something you love.

pee wee's big adventure
In which case, you mine as well watch Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.

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