On Memorial Day: Here’s More On Our First Valentine’s Day Weekend Together

I descended the testicle dropped the ball on this one. Back in February, Jenny and I got to spend our first Valentine’s Day together. The weekend was filled with food and we actually never fully shared just how much we ate.

I had planned to put together a video of it. As your calendar will indicate, I never did.

Now, it’s Memorial Day. The video was never made and you have no idea what we ate on the Saturday before Valentine’s Day. You may have already watched our video of the actual holiday spent together. However, you’ve likely been scratching your head wondering what the hell we ate a few days prior.

Well, through the magic of still photographs as likely stolen by Thomas Edison, here’s a look at our dining experience.

cute couple
Here we are snuggling on the poop-stained couch (I assume there’s a poop stain somewhere (and I’m also purposefully using a hyphen only once so I’m guaranteed to get it right)) before going out to eat.
valentine's day ruined
Here we are outside in the cold. I think at this point Jenny realized the bus we were waiting for wasn’t coming so we decided to walk to our destination.
valentine's day meal
This is us waiting for our food while secretly hoping the other is unable to finish their meal and politely asks the other to help them (or maybe just me).
fat person eating
This is me enjoying my food and forgetting about my problems.
squid food
This is our food. I think it was something with squid and other seafood. It was actually just the appetizer, too.
frozen yogurt
We ended up getting frozen yogurt for dessert because we thought it was best to avoid hipsters as much as possible.
being silly
Finally, this is just us being silly and spending time together (me on my computer and her on her phone)

I’ll have you know, the last picture was actually taken first. But I thought I’d make this blog post a little different and unique by revealing the beginning at the very end.

For inquiring minds, our Memorial Day has been focused on eating rice and arting as much as possible before returning to work tomorrow. And yes, I could have added an F before arting and still been accurate.

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