Train to Busan Review: Cheer Up South Korea

I like watching intense movies with Jenny because she gets so passionate about them. Her emotions really get the best of her. I think the only time I was upset at an event in a movie or TV show was when Bobby Ewing wasn’t dead.

An intense movie we recently enjoyed together was the South Korean thriller Train to Busan. Jenny saw it during its original release last year when she was still in the Philippines. However, she was still in for some surprises along the way.

The plot is simple: Koreans are on a train infected by zombies. The whole world is undergoing this same apocalypse. Probably. I’m not sure. They don’t mention what’s going on in Minnesota.

The main story follows a father and his young daughter. The dad is pretty lousy as he cares more about his work than anything else. The daughter is lousy too because she sneaks off too often and gets herself in trouble. Only because there is one really large, ugly Korean tough guy to save just about everyone are they able to survive for more than 30 minutes.

ugly man train to busan
The big guy in the front fights zombies bareknuckled. When I grow up, I want to be a large Korean man like him.

The zombies in this movie are the fast kind. They’re infected and not the ghouls who have risen from the dead. All of the same zombie rules still apply except a few are wearing white after Labor Day. I suppose fashion faux pas differ around the world.

My only pet peeve with the film is that zero zombies are actually killed on purpose. A few catch on fire and get crushed by items, but there aren’t any zombies getting their heads blown or cut off. Some get hit with baseball bats or tossed from the train. Unlike The Walking Dead where the zombies are an easy-to-kill army, the ones in Train to Busan are furious and a lot harder to slow down.

Other than that one minor complaint, I thought this was a great movie. The casting was superb and the subtitles were in a nice font.

train to busan
This is the face a bad father makes when he realizes his daughter is missing and he can probably get away without being judged for it.

But seriously, I really liked it. Train to Busan was far better than the overrated 28 Days Later which was more about Cillian Murphy’s giant distracting lips than anything else. Train to Busan is about how horrible people can behave when their lives are in peril. As Jenny said multiple times while watching, “I can’t watch. I fucking hate people.”

As do I. But that has nothing to do with this movie.

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