Gloomy Anniversaries: Six Months is the Long Distance Relationship Limit

This week marked the end of an important one-year anniversary. In April 2016, Jenny and I enjoyed two weeks together. It was spent mostly eating, but also doing a few other things as well. The one negative part of the two weeks together was the departure.

I’m not sure there’s any feeling worse than leaving your lover at the airport. Maybe it’s paying $6-7 for a luggage cart when you arrive in the US like Jenny did to transport her bags about 50 feet?

We’ve written before how blue one can feel when saying goodbye in a long distance relationship. Honestly, there is no grief on the world that compares except maybe burying a loved one and then realizing he still owes you money.

Ashley Graham’s plus size grave?

Almost exactly one year ago we had to experience it all over again for the second time in six months. This one was harder because we didn’t think we’d meet again until 2017. Thankfully, the visa process went a lot quicker than we originally thought. Exactly six months later, we were reunited.

Six months is a key point to this blog post. It was six months between first and second beecation. Then, it was another six months before we saw each other again when Jenny arrived in the US.

Next week arrives another six month celebration. It will have been six months since Jenny paid the $6-7 for the luggage cart. She arrived on Halloween night, into my arms, and then out into the freezing cold 45 degree October weather.

halloween candy
Halloween loses its luster the moment you’re guilty before eating the candy. Poor kid’s life will never be the same.

Six months is the most anyone in a long distance relationship should spent apart from one another. For couples who have been married for a long time, it may seem wonderful to get away from that sniffling spouse of yours for half a year. Until you’ve experienced the distance, you’ll never really understand it.

On the plus side, today is the anniversary of this infamy:

penis lipstick
Has marriage matured us? Not in the least bit. All we’ve done today is talk about poop and JB literally just let out a huge burp then denied it.

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