Impromptu Cake Eating

Yesterday I wrote about laundry. Today, it’s a much better topic: cake.

We had an impromptu cake eating date after I arrived home from work. You see, Jenny’s birthday is coming up. A birthday isn’t complete without a cake. Why do you think Peter Pan never aged? No cake in Neverland.

So, on our return from the library (they still do exist, by the way) we stopped at a bakery to see what cake options there were. We didn’t buy any cake, technically. All we got was a piece of chocolate ganache  and strawberry cheesecake. A cake would have been an entire one. These weren’t the biggest pieces, but definitely enough to satisfy two bad dieters.

cake defense
Even though she didn’t share any of hers with me, I have to admire her defense.

This weekend we’ll have even more cake. We have a piggyfest planned to celebrate the second birthday of Jenny’s we get to spend together. By Tuesday, I expect to have diabetes. As of Wednesday, my FUPA should be able to take down a door.

And while we’re on the topic of cake, here’s a riddle: How many bees does it take to eat an entire wedding cake?

The answer is very antisocial and does not include anyone except for us.

wedding cake
It took me four hours after getting married to officially give up on dieting for life.

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