Odds Are You Will Marry An Asian, Too

The other day Jenny and I were trying to find the least populated place on the planet. You know; so we could figure out where to move.

Lowest Population in World
Maybe it’s not ideal, but the lines are so short!

In our research we discovered our relationship might not be so unique. A white man marrying an Asian woman could cause a few Trump supporters to suffer bleeding ear syndrome. However, they too are more likely to marry an Asian than anyone else.

About 40% of the world’s population is Chinese or Indian. I’m fairly certain this only includes the people currently in China and India. The family that I get my General Tsao’s from and the convenient store clerk who shamefully sells me donuts after are not included in these numbers. They are United States citizens and help make up the world’s third largest population in the US.

Justin Bieber concert fans
The US is so crowded that we have no choice but to show up to Justin Bieber concerts.

So, if 40% of the world is in China or India, one must figure the rest of Asia makes up at least 10% more. Plus, there are Asians living abroad. This simple fact makes it much more likely to marry an Asian person than anyone else.

When I was younger, I never thought I’d marry an Asian woman. My community was mostly white and our town’s elected Imperial Wizard preferred it that way. I think many places in the US lack exposure to other ethnicities and races. We grow up thinking we’re the majority when really we’re in the world’s minority.

Jenny surely feels similarly except she’s correct in believing that Asians rule the world. Beyonce is a liar and a cheat. Girls don’t run the world. It’s the continent of Asia.

Beyonce Girls
Let’s just see Beyonce tell Kim Jong Un she’s the one who runs North Korea.

If we really want to be all-inclusive, aren’t Caucasians still Asians? On that basis, Jenny and I are both Asians. The only difference is I have a Cauc in the front right where it should be. Jenny has a hole where her Cauc would go. I guess, even as fellow Asians, we still do have something different about us.

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