Depressed Eating vs. Celebration Eating

The last month I’ve felt some really big lows. Two Bees in a Blog hasn’t been updated at all because how do you write about your life when the only thing good in it is one day it will end? That’s how we’ve felt over the last month. Now, with an issued Visa on its way to Jenny, we’re able to go from depressed pigging to celebration eating. Honestly, our bodies don’t know the difference.

Jenny had her interview with the embassy on August 22. Things went well expect one paper “wasn’t clear.” This delayed the process significantly. Not until September 22 would the Visa finally go to the Issue status. Every day was constantly spent checking the status even when I knew it wasn’t ready to get updated. Mornings were incredibly depressing because I knew there was no chance we’d get any updates until my day was over.

Lucky for us, we’re onto the next step. Jenny and I are now maybe 6 weeks away from being together. The scary part about this is we have wedding plans to make and months of depressed and celebration eating to burn off.

I won’t tell you how much weight I gained because no scale has survived. Honestly, it’s really not that much. I’m probably about the same weight I was 13 months ago. I did, however, lose about 10 pounds before the first beecation last October. I promptly gained it all back and a little more before adding on a few more pounds after our second beecation together. I completely blame all of the celebratory eating I have done in the last 9 months and the depressed eating too. Or maybe I am just pregnant. Who knows? I’ve never been blood-tested to see if I’m a male seahorse.

I still don't get how male seahorses give birth. I also don't understand people who wipe their butts sitting down.
I still don’t get how male seahorses give birth. I also don’t understand people who wipe their butts sitting down.

The funny thing is I have eaten the same way since getting the Issued notice as I did when we were stuck in Administrative Processing: like a pig.

Even funnier, we’re engaged and about to be together yet we’re stressed about the way we look. Why? Isn’t stressing about your weight something we do when we’re worried we’ll die alone? I’m weeks away from getting married. This is the prime era to eat whatever it is I want.

I think I’ll grab a burger.

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