What It’s Really Like to Ice Skate for the First Time

If there is one thing Timmy is way better than I am at (except buffets), that is ice skating. During beecation last April, he showed me how it was possible to glide across the ice without injuring someone/dislocating a little girl’s shoulder.

We decided to try ice skating because it was finally possible to do it in the place we had beecation in (unnamed because I’m paranoid…but just a bit). The new mall that opened is one of the biggest in the country, one that has an ice skating rink. Naturally, I am excited to try it. Ice skating is something you only see in the TV when you live in a tropical country! It is next to impossible! Everything melts here within seconds. Ask Timmy if you don’t believe me.

This is the reason why.

So I suggested that to him months before beecation even happened. And being my wonderful self, I told Timmy I wanted to back out a day or two before until it was just hours before the dreaded event.

Why wouldn’t I? I’m sooooo sure I’ll just make a fool of myself. I fall flat on my face wearing just flat shoes on a concrete pavement. Imagine what would happen to me trying to stand up on blades while on slippery ice?!

I was all nerves from the time we queued until I put on my size 8 figure skates. But that was nothing to how horrifying it was to finally step on the ice for the first time. OH MY FREAKING COW, I was so out of my zone! Being the neurotic that I am, I usually want to be in control. Stepping on ice in that cold rink wiped out all illusions of control from me. This is a whole new territory. Difficult. Unnatural!

Like this.

Even Timmy, who professed he could skate fast around a whole ice skating rink, had a difficult time the first time he had to step on ice. He had to hold on to the walls for the first turn. But after he got used to the sensation, man, he skated like it was eating. Easy. Natural. Enjoyable.

While I–well, I was sweating like I was in a fucking incubator.

Timmy, being the kind human being that he is, offered for us to get back to solid ground and sit on the benches. Basically, get back a grasp of reality.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

I nodded. I lied though. In that moment, I was thinking of just quitting, taking off my skates, and get some yummy, unhealthy snack (preferably donuts and/or pizza). But something held me back. One was to give Timmy more time to skate since he clearly enjoyed it. Second, and the greater driving force, was that the ticket was quite expensive. Because I am a cheap woman, I decided to get my ticket’s worth.

The second round didn’t disappoint me. I was still holding on to the walls for dear life. As I was nearing the end though, I got too excited. I probably stopped thinking and tried to walk like I was on dry ground. Or maybe I panicked because a kid hurled past me. Whatever, it’s all the same: I ended up falling on my thigh. At least, I have ample cushioning in that part of my body. It didn’t hurt as badly as I thought it would.

In retrospect, I think that fall was quite helpful in making me overcome my fear. Not completely though, I still dreaded falling. But at least I know I would survive it. I knew what was coming.

For the girl whose arm I yanked though, it was a different story.

It was the nth turn I made, by which time I was not holding on to the walls anymore and instead depended on Timmy’s hand. We skated slowly and shakily (all because of me) but at least I’m not restricted to the walls like a pathetic first timer *coughs*. We were like amateur duo skaters. We were on our first baby step to completing a routine worthy of the Olympics. And just then stupid little brats with no regards to other human beings since they are kids and can get away with it rush towards you. As if you don’t exist.

images (1)
Liar!!! Do not be deceived by this cunning young thing!

Of course, Timmy and I have to break apart. During these times, I’m left on my own, away from the walls, a millisecond away from panicking. One time though, I really did panic. I knew I was going to fall. My gut instinct told me to grab something. Anything. Even air. Luckily for me, something happened to be there aside from air. It was the unsuspecting skinny stick arm of this girl playing with her friends by the wall.

images (3)
Let’s play a game. It’s called Name all the Wrong Things in this picture, starting with the hair. (I don’t think it’s a girl though. Blame Google for that!)

She was so shocked she stopped and gasped in mid-laugh. With the strength I used yanking her arm, that wasn’t surprising. I felt bad for the poor kid. She was probably less than half my weight. I was so apologetic I shouted “I’m sorry” at her face three times. I wasn’t able to see her reaction after that though. If you’ve ever tried ice skating, you know it would be hard to just stay still on the ice once you started moving (at least it was for me). So I just went on, reaching and grabbing Timmy’s hand, hoping that I didn’t do any major damage to that girl, not least psychologically.

I don’t think I did, though. Timmy is a sensible human being and he was laughing the whole time after it happened. It was just a funny event–a whale on blades panicking and grabbing the stick arm of a girl–but no one was gravely harmed.

At least I hoped.

After probably the 10th turn, we decided it was enough skating for the day. Oh boy, was it an awesome time! Yes, I fell. Yes, I had little control of what was happening while on ice. But those are not necessarily bad things.

Just like falling in love. You fall for a person and have little control about it, but sometimes, when you’re lucky, it turns out to be the best thing that ever happened in your life.

Damn, that was a good analogy.

One of the rare times he takes a selfie–or in this case, a twofie!
This is how a pro skater poses for a picture. Not! :3

After taking off our skates, we immediately set off for a donut hunt. When Timmy and I are determined enough, we never fail. Especially when it involves donuts.


Poor little donuts 😦

One thought on “What It’s Really Like to Ice Skate for the First Time

  1. I remember my first time ice skating. Summer after freshman year in high school, up at Lake Arrowhead in the mountains behind Los Angeles. I think I kept one foot still and pushed off with my other leg, causing other skaters to laugh. 🙂


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