Two Week Long Distance Relationship Optimism

I put the Tim in optimism; at least based on the latest thing I found online last night.

No it wasn’t the obituary of an enemy. I also didn’t discover that Nigerian Prince I helped out years ago was legit. What I found was much better. I can already hear the wedding bells.

I was missing Jenny a lot yesterday. This happens pretty frequently. She misses me often too especially when she can’t finish her meal and has to throw it away instead of offering it to her husband.

The word "thrilled" was invented for the moment when I realized Jenny wasn't finishing her pizza.
The word “thrilled” was invented for the moment when I realized Jenny wasn’t finishing her pizza.

We filed our I-129F Petition back in March and received the first Notice of Action on the 24th. From everything we read it seemed like a December wedding would mean we were lucky. Well, apparently seeing each other again in December is incredibly possible. In fact, this is practically a guarantee as long as she’s not secretly a criminal.

Visa Journey is the site everyone in a long distance relationship should know about as you can share your story or laugh at other people’s poor grammar. It is the internet, after all. There’s no educational requirement to use it. Everything you could ever want to know, including how to follow all of the steps like bypassing a lawyer, is there. I was a frequent reader of this, but dove deeper yesterday and found amazing news!

While browsing the site I came across a few interesting posts on the forum. Instead of the previous thought that it would take about 5 months to receive our second Notice of Action, we might be two weeks away.

It’s a very joyful feeling I might have Jenny with me sooner. In fact, I might even have her here soon enough to make her suffer through all of autumn and winter. She’ll have to wait about a year until an American summer, what she’ll think is a Filipino ice age, makes her sweat like I am today.

Jenny will be very disappointed to know in the USA this is something you can only really do two months out of the year--and I don't mean peeing in a pool full of people.
Jenny will be very disappointed to know in the USA this is something you can only really do two months out of the year–and I don’t mean peeing in a pool full of people.

As of today the I-129Fs from March 10th have hit the desks of those incredibly intelligent workers at the offices in California. Apparently the Texas office was so backlogged they began sending some to California hence the speedy response rate in 2016. This timing isn’t entirely accurate as it is more of an estimate as to how far along the good people at the USCIS are. And might I say, those workers are very beautiful too!

Within two weeks we might get an update. Two days ago I thought we’d be lucky to have anything by August. It’s something to really look forward to. Now I need to really start dieting so I look my best for the wedding and by best I mean less.

9 thoughts on “Two Week Long Distance Relationship Optimism

      1. Patience, certainly. But it has been complicated and extremely illogical at times – at least here in Germany. But I was surprised about how many cooperative and helpful people I talked to at the authorities. I always expected them of all people to create problems for us.


        1. Yeah you’d think some might be really bitter and angry about helping two people in life, but they’re probably big romantic softies if this is the field they went into.


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