I’m in an Interracial Relationship and Sometimes I Forget

I’m in an interracial relationship yet I often forget this is a fact. It’s 2016 now and interracial relationships are pretty common. Even famous people have them. Disney movies for goodness sake center their plots around two people of different races letting their hormones rage.

On a completely side note, I swear I saw the blonde kid from High School Musical trying to pick up a girl in a bar back in 2009. I doubt it would work if he tried in 2016.
On a completely side note, I swear I saw the blonde kid from High School Musical trying to pick up a girl in a bar back in 2009. I doubt it would work if he tried in 2016.

Being in an interracial relationship hardly feels like a big deal. When Jenny and I were together in the Philippines people did stare. I felt it. It had nothing to do with the fact that a white man was with a Filipino girl. It had everything to do with the fact that a white man was there doing anything at all. As diverse as much of the world is, it’s still uncommon in many parts of the Philippines to see a white guy in his late-20s walking around.

Other people in interracial relationships may feel differently than I do in mine. Parts of Middle America still frown upon race-mixing or any fun at all. In fact, there are likely towns where they still care about hair color. The Northeastern United States is as much of a melting pot as there is with people of all different flavors mixing together. Eventually we’ll all be a weird shade of grey without any identifiable stereotype.

Rather than think about my relationship with Jenny as an interracial one I see it more as intercultural. Race really doesn’t seem to divide us at all as much as our differences in culture could lead to a few misunderstandings. You can read more about those in our section on this blog dedicated to how weird Filipinos and Americans are.

Admittedly, I do notice race in people. It’s something I find fascinating how people from different walks of life can come together. With Jenny though, as Westernized as the Philippines has become, I forget she lives in a place with coconut trees in the backyard. I look out my window and see a pair of sneakers hanging from telephone wires with the only trees regularly in sight being the ones suspicious men are selling on the corners out of their long coats.

Irish-American living in the United States and Filipino appropriately living in the Philippines, Jenny and I are an interracial couple. Because I see it almost everywhere I go, sometimes I forget parts of the world don’t realize this is natural.



  1. I have some questions. Have you ever encountered any negative reactions from Filipino or other Asian males who are jealous? Has your wife ever been involved with a Filipino male before? If so, what was he like with her? Has he threatened you? If so, did you notify the police and/or her parents? The reason why I’m asking this is because there’s complaints from Asian males about White males stealing their Asian wives or girlfriends and that they don’t like the idea of Asian females getting involved with White males which means they treat females of the same race as property.


    1. I’m sure there are people out there who are jealous. I haven’t been personally threatened by anyone. Maybe I look too much like a monster. Everyone I have met in Jenny’s life has been very supportive so maybe we’re just lucky. We’re also very close in age and I’m not wealthy at all so a lot of those typical stereotypes might not exist? I’m just brainstorming. In short, nope we haven’t had any of those problems.


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