Long Distance Movie Date #1: I Love You Phillip Morris

A few months since we’ve been together, I’ve wanted to try watching a movie with Timmy. However, I felt shy asking him to do it because we’ve both never tried it before.  What if it turns out to be awful? It’s not your conventional going out to the movies with your partner on a Saturday night after all. That’s because we’re living eight thousand miles apart. How exactly do you go about it?

Timmy actually welcomed it enthusiastically when I suggested to him that we watch a movie together.

Jenny: Umm, what if we watch a movie together? You know…where we sit down and actually play it at the same time…

Timmy: I think that’s a great idea! You are the most wonderful, beautiful human being on the planet and I love you so much smoochy poop poop. What movie do you wanna watch?

Jenny: You don’t think it’s silly?

Timmy: It isn’t. But you are.

That’s kind of how it goes. Sort of.

So yes, on the Thanksgiving of 2014, after googling for a movie I think we would both enjoy, we decided to watch I Love You Phillip Morris. It’s actually surprising how we never thought about it sooner. Maybe weird things just happen sometimes?

This movie is amazeballs with Jim Carrey at one of his finest. I'm going to have to write a separate review for this though since this post turned out to be not the "review" kind, as originally planned.
This movie is amazeballs with Jim Carrey at one of his finest. I’m going to have to write a separate review for it though since this post turned out to be not the “review” kind, as originally planned. Sorry. :3

My biggest worry right before we watched the movie is my Internet connection. I could go write a very long, separate blog post about how much Internet connection in this country sucks. I worried that we would lost connection in the middle of the movie and it would just ruin the experience for Timmy and I and he would never want to watch a movie with me again.

Turns out, that was just the paranoid worrier little Jennylet in my head talking (there are hundreds of them). If someone really loves you, it doesn’t matter how much your movie gets disrupted because one of your Internet connection crashes. It happened to Timmy and I dozens of times since we have actually watched dozens of movie together already.

That’s inevitable–not everything is going to be perfect and smooth-sailing in a relationship, long distance or not. Because Timmy is a wonderful partner, he always waited for me patiently, never lost his temper and welcomed me back with a smooch when my Internet connection decides to be a jerk (which happened LOTS of times, trust me).

For that very first movie date we have though, the Internet connection was almost perfect. It didn’t disrupt us even once. We watched the movie together with our comments and responses in sync.

Timmy and I enjoy watching movie lots even before we were together. In fact, he’s such a movie nerd that he could tell you the year the movie was released if it’s something from the ‘90s. He could do it with a creepy precision actually. That’s just one of the weird things I adore about him sooo much.

That very first movie date with Timmy was perfect. I’m not sure if it was the movie, the good internet connection, or the fact that we enjoy each other’s company. Nah, I think it’s all of that. Mostly the latter part though. No matter how good a movie is, if you don’t like who you’re watching it with, it’s going to dampen the whole experience.

But I love Timmy very much. And after watching the movie, we felt this profound sense of closeness, connectedness. I know it sounds sappy, but that’s how it really was. Is. We share a stronger understanding of each other after every movie we watch.

For two people separated by distance, sharing an activity together–be it movie watching or something as enjoyable like eating together while Skyping (that’s for a separate blog post)–is something that would definitely make you feel closer. Timmy and I definitely felt this after our first movie and it made us stronger and love each other more. He told me how he felt like crying because he felt so close to me at that moment (which is actually a mean thing since the mere thought of him crying could instantly make me feel that choking sensation and bring tears to my own eyes. So you might not want to copy that. Or do. They’re tears of happiness anyway).

Don’t wait for the right time or for the perfect circumstances to happen before you decide to actually watch a movie with your partner in a long distance relationship. That goes for any activity really. I watched my very first movie with Timmy before we met physically and it’s just as wonderful as if I’m watching a movie beside him. You may not be able to touch his hand, but you just might touch something that’s more difficult to reach: his heart.

i love you phillip morris2
Don’t be fooled. This sweet scene happened exactly after the next one…
i love you phillip morris3
I love you, Obi-Wan.

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