Gift Ideas for Long Distance Relationship Partners: Books

For those of you in a long distance relationship currently scrambling to find a last second Christmas gift, I have the perfect idea where you can get away with insisting you made your purchase much earlier. It’s also a timeless gift everyone can enjoy and can be used really at any time of the year. I’m talking about books.

Remember books? It’s those things we now use to keep our doors ajar or burn when we’re fake outraged. Thanks to technology, giving someone an electronic book has now become one of the easiest to gifts to provide them with. When you can’t actually send someone a physical item it’s more than ideal. Long distance relationships should always include some book giving.

I’ve never owned a Kindle and I’m admittedly not a big reader. With so much writing planned in my daily schedule I’ve neglected the first step in becoming successful at the craft I practice each day. This year was different as I actually did give Jenny some books I would like to read. You don’t even need to fork (now I’m hungry) over the money for a Kindle as there are free applications you can download straight from Amazon.

Jenny is a big book lover which makes gift giving very easy as I just have to send a book her way on holidays or to say I’m sorry, to say I’ll never do that again, to say you better never leave me, etc. All she has to do is give me a list of books and whenever she behaves or a gift-giving holiday arrives I know what to get her. Shopping for me is tougher as my interests are not very great and, like I said, reading is not something I do as much as I should. You can blame the book Great Expectations for really ruining my hope for many books. If you’re going to name your book that you better live up to it.

Kindle books are generally cheaper too. As you’ll learn, Jenny and I like cheap. The only downside to giving books seems to be Jenny’s ability to devour them. It takes me months sometimes to finish one because of how distracted I can get. If you get me a book, I have a gift I’ll work on for a long time. In Jenny’s case, she’s done in a week maximum. I think her big Filipino dinners take longer than it does for her to read a book.

Jenny’s knack for swallowing books whole doesn’t stop me from using her love of them to my advantage and neither should you if your partner is a bookworm or just a generally literate person.

Books are wonderful because there are topics of all different kinds anyone can enjoy. Jenny got me two books about fantasy baseball strategy. I read plenty about it online so what difference is reading an actual published book on the topic? She’s beginning to turn me into a reader.

books gift

books gift2

If books as a gift intrigue you I advise you to simply ask your partner for a list of different books they’d like and send them over whenever the timing is right. Jenny knows anytime there’s a book on Amazon she wants, she’ll get sometime soon. It’s not because I’m a totally awesome partner. It’s because she loves her simple, cheap gifts and I get to distract her a bit and do evil things while she’s occupied reading them. Unfortunately, even a 500 page novel only buys me about an hour because that woman can read.

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