How I Got Engaged to a White Man: A Very Short Intro

It all started with me commending him about his eating achievement. It was written on April 29, 2012 on the Resume page of his blog, Mooselicker. From the very start, food has been our instant connection. (Ugh, we such piggies, Timmy. Should I really continue to embarrass us?) More than three years has passed since that comment was made and now we’re actually engaged.

We didn’t plan for it at all, you know. We both were in different relationships then. Plus, we live more than 8,000 miles apart according to Google, with the Pacific separating us on one side and lots of land and people of all races on the other. Who would be stupid enough to start a relationship with that obstacle at hand? Who would like to be so far apart from their loved one that you’d settle for virtual cat cuddle emojis instead and a *cuddle cuddle* (this is where you both go nearer to the screen as if you’re cuddling) Skype version? Us, apparently.


So yes, after more than a year and four months of friendship that started as being blogger buddies, a declaration of love was made. It was history from there. Lots of pictures, videos, emails, actual physical love letters with hair in them, and almost half a million Facebook messages have been shared.

Two months ago though, he gave me the best gift ever: himself in the form of a ring.

Yes. I have only four fingers. He finds it amusing actually.

Let’s stop this first post there, okay? There’s so much to tell and we’d rather give you the story in easily digestible posts. We understand how hard it is to read a long blog post since we have mild forms of ADHD ourselves, or rather that’s the excuse we make for being lazy.

It’d be Christmas here in an hour, too so I really got to end this here. I still have to Skype with Mr. Bee, you know. And celebrate Noche Buena (midnight dinner) with my family.

So Merry Christmas to you! And, as how Timmybee would surely advice me later, eat lots!

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