A Long Distance Relationship Blog When You Aren’t Long Distantly Relationed Anymore

We started this blog a long time ago. Wow! We weren’t even living together yet. Jenny and I were on opposite sides of the world. And here we are. In the year of the lord, 2022. We live together. We have lived together for a while now. What has become of Two Bees in a Blog?

It’s amazing to think less time took place between our last blog post here and seasons three and four of Stranger Things. In other words, where is our Netflix series?

When we first started this blog, it was shortly after we had first met in person. We had met through our own personal blogs years earlier. WordPress was where we first connected. So, the most natural progression was to blog together about our unique relationship.

Then people we knew started reading this blog. That’s okay. But when someone you actually know in person will read your blog, it’s a little different. You’re more guarded. It’s never comfortable for anyone to get inside of your head. I’m not even just referring to that scene in Scary Movie when one of the Wayans Brothers gets impaled through the ear with a penis either. As much as I would prefer that to never happen to me, it’s also not much fun to have to protect your inner monologue.

Other reasons stopped us from writing here more regularly. New interests. Different opportunities. Bigger priorities. We could share them with you all. Our lives are much different than in May of 2020 I wrote an Op-ed defending Big Ed of 90 Day Fiance fame. An example: I had only ever seen YouTube clips of him. Now I’ve actually watching multiple episodes featuring everyone’s favorite human bowling ball.

Two Bees in a Blog was originally a way for Jenny and I to write together and talk a lot about our unique relationship. What’s so unique about us now? Well, we started writing somewhere new. With this platform already available, we hope you’ll join us over there.

I won’t share the details yet. This blog post is merely serving as a test to see if I actually did disconnect automatic posting to Facebook. So stay tuned. Or don’t. We failed to hold up our end of the bargain and give you content. We hope you’ll move over to the other platform and enjoy the next phase while we maybe figure out something to do here, too.

Explanation of Featured Photo: WordPress now has partnerships with some photo places which I don’t believe was something available when we last blogged. Anyway, giraffes have long necks. Long necks equals long distance relationship. It’s not as random as you believed.

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